Atomic Mass 51.996

On all major music streaming platforms from March 21th, 2024.

1.  Hereafter
2.  7M7
3.  Don Quijote
4.  Streets Of Rage
5.  Hagane
6.  Gods
7.  Damaged
8.  Bezeagle
9.  Man On The Moon

“Atomic Mass 51.996” smoothly blends various metal sub-genres, reflecting the band’s new artistic direction. While presenting itself as a classic heavy metal album, it reveals a parallel progressive song structure. Coming from many years of experience, including opening gigs for international artists, Cromo now stands as a well-established force in the underground metal scene. The album title directly references the band’s name, just like the intriguing cover art. Exotic musical arrangements intersect with electronic flavors, creating a dynamic and powerful sound. Each track can be appreciated individually or as part of a cohesive whole, revealing layers of different meanings and evoking unique emotions through the songs. From current-years culture to introspective and more “niche” subjects, the lyrics refer to esoteric and philosophical themes, inviting the most curious listeners to explore deeper connections between the songs. Fans familiar with the band’s lore will appreciate the subtle links and inside jokes related to the “Cromoverse.”